Newstrack 10: SBNation Roundup

SBnation is a fantastic sports blog that covers all aspects of all sports. With over 300 contributors the collective perspective is unmatched by most competitors. With GIFs, links, and other social media tricks the site continues to build a fan base. The bloggers are using every social media platform. Overall the stock in this VOX media outlet will continue to rise.

  • The site offers coverage of sports such as cycling, horse racing, and water polo
  • They delve deep into social media
  • Live interaction within games on blogs with videos that most news sites do not have
  • An ability to cross over from short blogs to long-form writing.
  • Updates 24/7

This one article shows their ability to embed videos, have external links that relate to the article, and provide further coverage most sites would not have,

However, there are a few flaws. One happens to be in their long-form stories. In February of 2016 the site released a story, written by Jeff Arnold, about Daniel Holtzclaw.He was a former Oklahoma City Police officer and hopeful linebacker for the NFL, who was charged with over 30 counts of abuse against women. He was found guilty by the courts. Despite the overwhelming evidence against him SBNation did not use a completely objective lens when talking about the case. Within their article they allowed his family and friends to speak much more than the victims.

Image result for daniel holtzclaw

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Glenn Stout, one of the editors for the blogsite, was fired after an internal review. You can read about the process here from the Washington Post.

News organizations that have this much output are likely to have mistakes. This happens to be a large one that was not fact checked or  thought through.

I have no complaints from the site other than that. As it grows more and more people will trust its news. It is up to the editors, writers, and readers to come together and deliver the best possible versions of the truth.


Newstrack 9: Live Tweeting Event


On April 20th 2016 I had the privilege to sit and listen to Professor Jose Ignacio Torreblanca speak with faculty and student at Boston University in the Pardee School of Global Studies. 

Picture courtesy of

He discussed his book “Who Runs Europe? Reconstructing Democracy, Bringing Citizens Back In.”

From the start of the moderator’s first question Professor Torreblanca exhibited his ability to speak with ease. He honed in the room of roughly 20 people who were intently listening to what he had to say.

One of the major points I found fascinating was when he talked about the political parties is Spain. There are four main parties, not only left and right, but also by generation. So, in the US if a college student supports Marco Rubio a much younger candidate, their parents may feel that John Kasich is better suited for them.

It was obvious the moderator had more questions to ask. However, the professor of political science at the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in Madrid was just too good to stop.

After the conversation he stayed to talk to some of the students. I was one of them. He is a person that can relate to anyone – especially Real Madrid fans – as I quickly asked about his favorite futbol/soccer team.

The sandwiches served after were also delicious.

Newtrack 8: SBNation Snapchat


SBNation is not only online, but also on your mobile phone. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter or Vine, the company makes use of social media platforms.

In this instance the blog uses Snapchat for a couple different things. The first includes clips embedded on their site for easy access. This clip/link shows Kristaps Prozingas to be seemingly shooting hoops with some friends at a local gym.

Heres the link:

There are hundreds of articles like this that make a quick clickbait fish want to swim close to the surface even if it is only for a minute to check out what the article is about.

The site also has its own Snapchat where they show sports clips mixed in with some meme type humor. It is a great tool for the site to have when looking at the range of viewers it aims to grab on a daily basis. It works hand in hand with the app that has a 24 hour limit on stories.

If you want to add their username it’s: sbnationsnaps

Personally I use snapchat for fun and to talk with friends. As a news tool I believe it can be powerful. Crowdsourcing can bring millions of people together. It will just be hard to regulate and give context.

How To Video: How to Be Late to Class

Whether it is by bike, bus, car, train, or walking, transportation in the city of Boston can be difficult. There is no sure fire way to plan ahead for the obstacles faced on the way to class or work.

The easiest way to be on time is leave with plenty of it before venturing out into the desert, monsoon, or tundra that prostrates before you.

Here is a How To Video about traveling from Allston to the School of Communication at Boston University. Click the Link to experience the greatest story never told (until just now)…

Newstrack 6: Spotlight

This week I will be averting my attention to the movie Spotlight with a review from its very own Boston Globe. After a small nap in between the lead paragraph and rest of the words…wow. What a boring movie review.

Michael Keaton played a journalist before for the New York Sun in the 1994 film The Paper. A much younger version of the recent bird man acting guru. It, like Spotlight, had an all-star cast including Glenn Close and Robert Duvall. Oh, and how can I forget MARISA TOMEI!!! I actually yelled that because Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander makes a cameo too.

Take a look at clips from the episode:

Yes, the article is good, thought out, and presses all the right buttons for a clean and cozy review. But isn’t that boring? Maybe that’s just me but a movie review can be one sentence for all I care, see the movie, or why bother with some guy’s interpretation of a movie shot in his own office about people he already knows. There will be no new perspective brought other than hey that was cool all that star power came through.

Here’s the link for the review:

Newstrack 5: MMA Silva Comeback

This up coming weekend Feb. 27th and 28th Anderson Silva will make a comeback in UFC 196 as Michael Bisping’s oppenent in a middleweight match-up in London.

silvaSBNation covers the event with a video post and interview of Silva talking about his past in the Ultimate Fighting Championship looking forward to the future. The video is a great way to translate everything that is said as Silva speaks in Portuguese with a translator present.

The video is a great way to get the full understanding of what the interviewer is asking, -speaking in English – the way he asks it, and the inflection of Silva’s voice as he responds.

Under the video there are more links to fully prepare for UFC 196 as a huge fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz square off for the lightweight championship.

Here is the link:

Newstrack 4: Manny Pedicureaou

WOAH! A quick right jab from the former champ followed up by a gut shot with his left.

Manndownload (1)y Pacquiao recently posted an instagram picture highlighting his view of same sex preferences. As a leader of an entire country, a symbol, a hope, it is hard to say where these comments will lead him.

I think he should go to a spa, find a new bromance, and try to learn that fighting is not the only way to live. He had to fight his way out into the world, fight criticism, and fight for everything. Maybe this is just a view of the world he would rather leave out.

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

As a Christian (this is a blog so sue me) I believe and know in my heart Manny is a good guy with confused ideas. I would definitely not want to have to say all this to his face in fear of tasting his knuckles but I like to think I would. The Slender Woman upstairs is kind.

Anyway, SBNation has this article in their outsports section. A great folder in their library of news. If only they had something about the recent SCOTUS happenings for my next class.

Here’s the link, and if you have time read sections of the Bible, the language is not as survivalist as it may seem.

Newstrack 3: Super Bowl Coverage

SBnation has probably one of the most detailed, if not the most, Super Bowl commentary and analysis. From defensive schemes, the halftime show, and even how the media pressure got to some of the players. As a whole you could spend an entire day reading all of the comments, posts, and links accumulated on the site.
Photo courtesy of NFL.comsuperbwl

One instance and example that has taken over social media with memes  is Cam Newton. The out-of-this-world personality combined with talent finally showed flaws. Personally, I think the hand shake with Peyton Manning was enough for integrity of the game, the press conferences are simply for raking in money and he signed somewhere in his billion dollar contract that he would do them.

An article I’ll post the link to under this outlines the incident. I will say one thing against the guy, as a leader, during the biggest game of your life, it doesn’t matter what the score is or how the game is going, you don’t fall on the ground in agony like you would in high school. You’re upset, I get that, but you’re not on special teams YOU ARE THE QUARTERBACK.

His inaction during one of the fumbles and leaving from the press conference as he heard Broncos players roasting him I understand. All in all he’s a great player and will continue to be, I hope he can take this and become a better player from it.

Here’s the article:

Another about the Broncos:

Newstrack 2: Michigan Mania


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In December of 2014 the University of Michigan announced it would be hiring NFL San Francisco 49s coach Jim Harbaugh. From the very beginning the former Ann Arbor quarterback’s return home is one that warranted a new direction within the program.

Just over a year later in February of 2016, ESPN’s top rated high school football recruit Rashan Gary, committed to the blue and gold university. He is from Paramus Catholic New Jersey. At 6’4″ 293 pounds, the defensive lineman (DL) can run a 4.7 40 yard dash and is a primary threat for a rush.

SBNation’s article is not only thorough, but also offers video, external links, and a variety of sources to continue the study of this emerging talent. A related article, one about the recruiting style of Jim Harbaugh is pinned to a side bar for further reading as well.

The link between the two articles here is truly underlined in blue (for some reason now in red hyperlink…). The heart both of these men have and will display for the school are taking up headlines. I see no halt in that in the near future.

Read more here: